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From its work with establishing local community business networks and event production, Sacred Fire Ceremonies works with a variety of skilled professionals who offer their talents and services.

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Sacred Fire Ceremonies has deep experience coordinating and producing events of all kinds, sacred and profane, ritual and theatrical. Handling details, spacing, choreography, designing and building celebration elements, running your rehearsal through to the event itself, being available to think through "the flow," are among the skills we offer.

Enjoy this video of the annual River of Light, a site-specific public festival by IgniVox, the production wing of Sacred Fire Ceremonies. Many of the ingredients you see here can be brought into your celebration.


Here is Steffen Hyder, master fire artisan, with one of his signature fires.

Having worked with fire as a theatrical, ceremonial and artistic element, Sacred Fire Ceremonies is available to build and create fires, serving your unique specfications. We have provided our fire production technical and creative services to the following NY organizations: the Village of Tivoli, The Town of Catskill, High Valley, Bard College, Hudson Valley Raptor Center, Rokeby Farm, as well as many private individuals and gatherings including the Dalhousie School of Architecture in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We work within very strict safety guidelines and permitting processes. Our fire artisans are all experts.

In addition to designing your ceremony, Sacred Fire Ceremonies represents a network of healers, also known as Somatic Studios, who offer the following services for weddings and ritual events:

• a Feng Shui marriage consultation with Gabrielle Alizay
• a massage chair at your wedding reception by Anne Mulvaney and Moving Touch Therapy
• Ritual High Play with Improvisational dancer and teacher, Amii Legendre
• a purification ceremony led by Grandmother Barbara Threecrow
• relaxation and sacred Taoist sexual practices with Ada Citron

and that is just for starters...

To investigate Somatic Studios further, click on the logo or any name to see more.

Anne Mulvaney, NYS Lic. M. Th. through
Moving Touch Therapy offers the somatic arts of massage, choreography and dynamic allignment.

Gabrielle Alizay assists you to keep your marriage going through the Art of Intentional Living in the bedroom. Find out if what you are reflecting to your conscious and subconscious mind supports longevity and long-lasting love and passion. Make simple, powerful effective changes with your bed, your bedroom furniture, the pictures and images on your walls plus a few "magical" shifts to make sure that your deepest heartfelt love ideals stay intact and are signaled back to you at all times.

Ada Citron, NYS Lic. M. Th., offers 5 element emotional balancing.

Performers Anne Mulvaney and Amii Legendre can be summoned through the Sacred Fire Ceremonies network, which also manifests as Somatic Studios, at Kathleen's Barn in Tivoli, NY.

"As an improvisational movement artist, performer and teacher, I use all sorts of group games and exercises to bring people together. As facilitator, I create connections, ease, a sense of fun and cohesion in a lot of diverse groups. The hope is that all these people have come together to not only witness your marriage, but to make merry, to reconnect to each other, to make a firm imprint of love and fun from the day's riches."

— Amii Legendre


Here Mark is 'consecrating' this couple with fire.

Sacred Fire Ceremonies has often found exciting opportunities to draw upon our circle of Fire Performers for events and gatherings. Featured as the finalé in a series of performances, Mark of Fire performed on a pedestal which emerged from the Hudson River in the River of Light. A skilled carpenter, Mark of Fire crafts every aspect of the performance, from the choreographry, to the fuel ratios, to the podium he stands on, down to his own poi and wicks, stage props and costumes.

      In the context of any ceremony food is pivotal in bringing people together to experience the joy of spirit. All of the artisans and practitioners who are associated with Sacred Fire Ceremonies have deep experience with being in ceremony. As such our crew is aware that embodied practices and the sharing of food (communion) are pivotal ingredients in grounding the ecstatic celebratory energy.

     Fred is an accomplished and diverse caterer, chef and confectioner, but he is much more than a baker...

Fine Cuisine by Fred Miraglia

Apprenticed in French and Italian pastry baking
Degree in Japanese Natural Foods
Professional Delicious

"You will always remember the food!"

 Having been the chef for a wide range of events, from martial arts retreats to spiritual gatherings, he is well-aware of the power food has to set the tone of an event. He has also travelled extensively, working with a Columbian shaman to do personal spiritual training and learned the art of fire cooking with the Pacha-Manca, or Earth-Oven.

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