Caitlin & Kale
Alison & Charles
Susan & Sarah
Susan & John

Kale and Caitlin both work in the media and music
industry and had 28 attendants in their bridal party.

"As soon as we got engaged, both Kale and I knew that Kathleen was the person who we wanted to marry us. She was able to tune right in to the nuances that make our relationship unique, convey our love for each other to our family and friends, and express a powerful and radiant energy in our wedding ceremony. Kathleen has a natural gift for creating sacred and energized space. It's clear that she truly loves what she does, and brings her entire heart and soul to her work, as she does to her life. Her generosity is sincere, her supportive and encouraging spirit is contagious, and her ability to roll with all aspects of production is a rare talent that is essential in officiating any special event. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for the blessings and creative spiritual guidance that Kathleen brought to our wedding day, and continue to enjoy her many spirited, loving, and sensational ceremonies."

—Caitlin and Kale Kaposhilin

You want us to do what with this stone?


"The ceremony was just perfect... truly perfect! Thank you thank you thank you! You really made it into a wonderful, special, beautiful, unique experience."

—Alison and Charles Woodhead

Susie and Sarah, lovers of both horticulture and agriculture
created an arbor on their farm.

"For our commitment ceremony we wanted to find that sacred space between church and state. Kathleen's insight created a warm and inviting atmosphere where we could make our promises before family and friends. We can't imagine how it would have come together without her and her special flair! We feel truly grateful to have been gifted with her skill, art and compassion."

— Mary Susan Knauss & Sarah F. Price

John and Sue made their altar and offered each other
a specially prepared libation of sacred tea.

"Susan and I planned on getting married for some time. We were not necessarily concerned with affirming our love for one another, but rather, with getting our family and friends together. However, Kathleen orchestrated and performed a ceremony which showed us how special and unique our relationship was and affirmed our life-long commitment to one another."

—Susan and John Goudreault

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